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Creating Memorable Moments

What is the right balance for spending effort to creating more meaningful and defining moments in our work and personal life? This question arose as I read “The Power of Moments” by Chip and Dan Heath. They define a moment as a “short experience that is both memorable and meaningful”. A core idea from the […]

The Art of Questing

People have been engaging in grand challenges or “quests” since antiquity, in some cases defining their lives around these quests, such as pilgrims on a spiritual journey or explorers seeking new trade routes. With the digital age, you can easily discover more examples of various quests that people pursue, which vary radically in style and […]

Usability Testing Resources

I recently conducted a workshop at the WebCamp Zagreb, giving an introduction to usability testing. In preparing for the workshop I compiled a list of books and articles that I felt could be helpful for anyone interested in learning more about user-centered design and usability testing. Hopefully these resources will help you out as your discover more […]