Alex Headshot

Alex Kuhn is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the SUNY Korea Computer Science department. He researches how humans interact with technology in order to design better systems for learning and conveying information. For over a decade, he has pursued this mission as a researcher, software developer, teacher, and content creator.

Previously he worked at Apple developing Swift Playgrounds and creating educational curriculum, which teaches people to code. He completed a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. There he was the lead developer and researcher on the Zydeco Project, which investigated how to use mobile technology to support students in collecting and sharing multimedia data for constructing evidence-based scientific explanations.

Alex has given talks and taught workshops and classes in both the university and professional setting. These range from an Apple WWDC talk on localizing content, to workshops on conducting user research, to helping start the initial mobile app development course at the University of Michigan.

For consulting and speaking opportunities, Alex can be reached at