Alex KuhnDr. Alex Kuhn received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Through his company, Elastic Focus LLC, and his work as a Research Associate at the University of Michigan, he explores the uses of mobile applications for a wide range of users, from K-12 learners to professional developers.

Alex’s research focuses on using mobile technology to support students performing science inquiry between classrooms and informal contexts, such as museums and nature parks. He has researched this through the Zydeco Project, which he is the lead developer on. His dissertation investigates the use of mobile technology to support students in collecting and sharing multimedia data for constructing evidence-based scientific explanations.

Alex started a Mobile App Development for Entrepreneurs course at the University of Michigan with his advisor, Dr. Elliot Soloway. Based on student feedback from that course, Alex received a Yahoo! Teaching Award. Alex also co-founded an iPhone Developer’s Club and has organized multiple mobile hackathons at the University of Michigan. He has been a consultant for various organizations on mobile design and development, including the University of Michigan. Alex also interned for three summers at Apple designing and developing software for the iPhone, iPad, and OS X.

Alex can be reached at kuhnalex(at)umich(dot)edu